TreeCircle MediaA digital studio dedicated to
produce immersive fiction.

We collaborate between artists & tellers of different mediums
to serve story contents

We produce immersive fictions for
audience by architecting stories
and building interactive interfaces.

3x3 Prologue is the door into our first immersive world at TreeCircle. You'll experience the 27 episodes series with both a classic point-&-click game and graphic novel embedded inside the platform. The choices you make inside the narrative game for your hero will unveil the Jungian...

A short HD video about The Future of Hong Kong at stake in the summer of 2014 under #WeTellStory - pilot video about quest of identity of an unknown girl in the city of Hong Kong...

TreeCircle Media studio is the innovation partner of key international web series festivals such as Melbourne WebFest & Marseille Web Fest. All these independent network of creators play a prominent role supporting original innovative online series. Feel free to check out our TreeCircle App...

What We Do

While the entertainment industry is enduring difficult time grasping new form of transmedia story-telling, new wave original content creators are ready to revolutionise how stories are told.

As a collaborative network of film makers, comic artists and game developers, our unique mission at TreeCircle Media is to extract and coordinate exciting fiction project into multiple micro payment products such as avatars, alternative episodes, games levels and comics inside a dedicated interactive interface.

Like a giant puzzle, each story elements contributes to a larger narrative. The process is cumulative and each piece adds richness and detail to the story world, such as character background stories and alternative plotlines.

The result is Immersive Fiction.



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Join Us!

Story is the heart of it's own multiple entertainment products. We are always on the look out for high transmedia potential fictions to transform them into immersive experiences for audiences.

If you are one of those spirited film makers, video games and graphic novel creators or even brand story-tellers who are ready to wield this exciting convergence and new form of interactive story-telling, we would love to hear from you!